Landscape Pest Control

Have you noticed patches of leaves missing in your trees or shrubbery? If your landscape looks like it is in the fall season in the middle of the summer, pests may have made shelter in them, causing it to have visible signs of disease. Cacti Landscape offers landscape pest control services to help uproot those pests and diseases and give you quality residential horticulture care to replenish them back to health.

Landscape Pest Control Services

In Southern Nevada, our desert xeriscape suffers from invasions of pest and diseases causing unpredictable from the inside of the plants. Our landscape pest control services help give your plants a fighting chance. We have plant care specialists on staff to help evaluate the health of your plants and trees. They will provide you with the best solution for the state of your vegetation so they are salvaged as much as possible.

Spider mites

If you have noticed the leaves on your trees and shrubs have an increased amounts of yellow spots on them, spider mites have taken over your plants and made a home. We will give them the right treatment for diseased plants to rid them of these tiny invaders.


Some pests don’t leave visible signs on the outside of a tree, but borers do create damage from within the tree. This causes major structural damage to the tree and leads to the eventual death of the tree if not taken care of in time. Our plant care specialists will evaluate the first signs of borers to help the tree from getting more infested with the invasive creatures.

Agave weevil

Agaves don’t have a fighting chance against these larves who seize the heart of these plants. Our landscape pest control services use a treatment to prevent your majestic agave from becoming a wilted plant due to this pest encroached within it.


Has your lawn gone from flawless to more patchy than usual? A blotchy lawn is often a sign of grubs creating their nest under the grass. Show the grubs who’s boss with our help for diseased vegetation.

Landscape Maintenance Pest Control

Preventative residential horticulture care helps your vegetation have strength to fight off any pests and diseases.

Lawn aeration

Give your grass some air by letting us do a lawn aeration service on it. The soil under your grass gets compacted from traffic and weather. To loosen up the soil and help with water penetration, we have a process of pulling “plugs” from the soil or grass area. This helps it tremendously to have great health and give it some breathing time. We recommend doing this 2-3 times per year, usually spring, summer and fall.

Lawn dethatch

Over the years when you mow your yard, the clippings or dead material, as known as thatch,  accumulate in the grass—making it harder for the fertilizer and water to penetrate into the soil. By doing a dethatch of the lawn areas, this helps thin out the grass and let new grass grow in its place. In Las Vegas, it is recommended to perform a dethatch once per year in either the spring or fall time.

Your Shield Against Invasive Pests and Diseases

Don’t lose the vegetation you’ve had for a long time to plant diseases and pests. Our landscape pest control services and plant care specialists will bring your plants back to good health. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your landscape needs!