Clean up Services in Las Vegas

Are you just not ready to clean up all the debris piling up in your yard? Cacti Landscapes knows you sometimes don’t have any time or hands to clear your entire landscape. We arrive to save the day with our one-time yard clean-up services.

We understand cleaning up your front AND backyard isn’t often a priority, which is why we offer this non-contractual service to homeowners. Our crew will clean up all the trash in your landscape to leave your yard looking pristine and lush.

One-time Yard Clean-up Services

Your landscape is often the last thing you want to focus on when your life is pretty busy. Our yard cleaning services come in handy when you just want to knock one more thing off your to-do list.

Clean up for your event

Are you planning to host a big event at your residence but don’t have time to clean up around your yard before the big day? No worries, Cacti Landscapes crews will come and clean up just in time for your party. Check off one less worry off of your plate and your to-do list.

Dog poop cleaning services

Your furry best friend is precious but isn’t helpful with picking up after themselves. It makes sense why they can’t, but they still could make a little more effort. Don’t punish them, let us take care of the pickup. Our crew will clean up your yard of any leftovers your dog has left, so your yard looks like a vegetated paradise for your guest.

No contract, no commitments

Cacti Landscapes doesn’t want you to feel committed to our landscape services happening bi-weekly or monthly. We created our one-time landscape cleaning so you won’t feel pressured to pay for monthly services. We want you to get what you need when you need it.

Same quality work from Cacti Landscapes

Just because we do one-time yard cleaning services doesn’t mean we aren’t going to do quality work still. We pride ourselves on leaving your landscape looking ten times before then what it seemed before. Our crews are skilled in making your yard look as green and pretty as possible so expect the best clean-up services available.

Call Us Today for Our Yard Clean up Services

We understand how busy life can get and sometimes your landscape takes a seat on your back burner. Let our crews clear up your yard for a big event or just to make it look pretty. Contact us today for our services!