Commercial Accounts

Cacti Landscapes Inc. has been servicing commercial clients and has been providing maintenance, repairs and installation for commercial properties for years.

Our client list includes various HOAs in Las Vegas, PF Changs, Buffalo Wild Wings, Farmer’s Boy Restaurants, Sun Auto Services and many more.

What’s included:


We trim the bushes, blow out the property, provide weed control and check the irrigation system on a weekly basis.  All clients can choose to receive service either once or twice per month which helps them save money.

We also offer landscape enhancements and water management options that can be done quickly.
At Cacti Landscapes you always speak to the owner — instead of having to go through a bunch of people just to get a price or an estimate.
Generally, any enhancements can be installed or finished within only a few days of the initial request.

So give us a call at 702-370-5000 or use our estimate request form when your business is ready to save money and time!