is lawn care service worth it

Is Lawn Care Service Worth the Money

Mowing and treating your lawn isn’t as easy as you think, and you’ll probably already know this if you have ever tried to do it yourself. There are many things to consider, such as moss, thatch, weeds, treatments, feeding, mowing, drainage, and it can be a difficult task to keep up to if you are not entirely sure what you’re doing. So, what you think is lawn care service worth money? Yes because sometimes it’s just better to call in the professionals.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Lawn Care Services?

If you have made it to this page, then it is likely that you are asking yourself the question ‘are lawn care services worth it?’ We understand that many of you may be thinking that you could save yourself the money by just taking care of your lawn yourself, but that’s not always the case.

Here we have compiled a list of reasons to hire lawn care services to make that decision a little easier for you:

is lawn care service worth it

Lawn Care Services Will Provide Quality Work

Let’s be honest, unless you are a professional gardener yourself, it’s highly likely you don’t have the expert knowledge needed to care for a lawn properly.

When it comes to DIY lawn care vs. professional there is usually no comparison. For a lawn care professional, it is their job to know how to care for your lawn. They are experienced and carry out the work on a regular basis. This means that they are much more efficient, know which products work, and ultimately they do a better job in a smaller amount of time.

It Will Help To Save Your Time

Lawns require constant upkeep and can take up a lot of your time. Maintaining your garden can become like a second job, and I’m sure you’d rather spend your time off work relaxing and doing the things you enjoy.

If you don’t know what you are doing, you will also have to spend time researching, to find out what products are best and what steps you need to take.

A professional already has this knowledge and can straight to work on making your garden look its best, leaving you with more time to enjoy it!

They Will Provide Consistent Care

Let’s face it, it can be difficult to keep up to something when the rest of our lives are so busy with work, family and friends, and other commitments. Some weeks are just going to be too busy for you to tend to your lawn.

Taking care of a lawn can be a physically exhausting job. For those who have illnesses or mobility issues, some weeks, the task will be too much to face.

Lawns can get out of hand if they are not maintained properly, leading to increased effort in the following weeks. Is lawn service worth the money? Yes, because hiring a professional lawn service will ensure that your lawn is cared for in a more consistent and efficient manner.

lawn care services

You, Will, Avoid Accidental Damage

You may think that doing your lawn yourself will save money, but taking care of your lawn without the proper knowledge can lead to accidental damage that will cost you more to repair.

In many cases of lawn DIY, people waste money on the wrong products or make mistakes, which eventually leads to a deterioration of the lawn. This damage will need a professional and take a lot of time and effort to recover.

Experts know how to avoid these errors and can upkeep your lawn at a low cost, saving you money in the long term.

It Will Increase the Value of Your Property

When it comes to selling your house, the appearance of your lawn and garden area can be a big selling point, especially if your lawn is at the font of your house, welcoming the potential buyers. First impressions count, and a neat and tidy front lawn can make all the difference when it comes to boosting the likeability of your property, as well as the price.

Is a lawn care service worth the money? Yes, because people are more willing to pay a premium for a house when they are impressed by its well-kept features. In effect, it is paying for itself.

is lawn care service worth it

How Much Does a Typical Lawn Service Cost?

Now that you know the benefits of hiring professional lawn maintenance, you may be wondering how much it could set you back.

The average cost of a biweekly (every two weeks) mow and treatment will be in the region of $30-$80 dollars, based on a lawn size of 3,000-8,000 sq ft.
This will, of course, depend upon the size and state of your lawn. If you have a much larger area for the services to mow and treat, then it will obviously take more time and product and will result in a higher cost accordingly.

If your lawn is in a state that needs a lot of attention and treatment, then the first few weeks are likely to cost more, but the prices will reduce as the lawn becomes easier to upkeep.
Many companies will give you a free quote if you let them know the size of your lawn and what services you require, so it’s definitely worth asking as you have nothing to lose!

So in response to the question ‘is it worth paying for lawn care?’, the answer is definitely yes. There are plenty of reasons to hire lawn care services that outweigh the reasons not to.

If the reason is to save money, the likelihood is that you will spend way more doing it yourself, wasting your well-earnt money on useless products and all the machinery, not to mention you might be missing out on that increased house value!