Landscaping Tips for Fruit Trees in Nevada

Landscaping with fruit trees makes perfect sense, whether in Nevada or elsewhere. Knowing fruit trees that grow in Las Vegas can be a challenge. It is notoriously tough to get the right landscaping design and find things that grow properly in this climate. Certain fruit trees in Las Vegas will grow whereas others will not.

In this guide, we look at fruit trees that grow in Las Vegas as well as some top tips for using them in your own garden. Landscaping with fruit trees is a way to create fresh fruit and veg and add some beautiful nature to your garden, even in areas where growing other plants and trees can provide a real challenge.

Choosing Fruit Trees

Naturally, the first step is choosing fruit trees that grow in Las Vegas and Nevada to ensure you aren’t setting out on the wrong path from the very outset. Vegas can be unforgiving and you need to pick fruit trees to suit. You aren’t too restricted, though, as long as you pick the right types of trees. For instance, you can grow apples, but you should look for Golden varieties. Oranges can grow, but Valencia orange trees will grow far better in the area.

One of the simplest and most successful fruit trees in Las Vegas is the Peach Tree. Loads of peach trees are grown in the state of Nevada and you can have a lot of success planting these types of trees here. Apricot trees are also favored as they work well in the climate around Nevada.

Other trees that can work are citrus fruits including Lemons and Grapefruit trees. If you plan to work with a landscaping company, make sure they know the needs in the area and let them advise you on which types of trees will work.


One of the keys to planting fruit trees is to give them adequate space and plenty of access to sunlight. However, irrigation solutions in Las Vegas are just as important. This is an area where rainfall is at a premium, and where it is vital to give trees and plants a little help by providing the right forms of irrigation.

Landscaping with fruit trees doesn’t always work in Las Vegas if you have disregarded the needs of the specific tree species. You should spend some time considering these species and make a point of reading up on the trees you have chosen to plant.


Pruning should be done when you plant your fruit trees. It helps to keep them under control. You should also look to prune in early spring before the new buds have broken. You can cut the stem from 25 to 30 inches high and then remove side shoots which may cause the tree to grow out in weird and wonderful (and inconvenient) ways.

If you spend a long time without doing any pruning then your fruit trees can go utterly wild.

Threats to Fruit Trees

The threats to fruit trees can vary depending upon the type of tree. Some will be endangered if the temperature drops at all. Many of the Vegas trees need heat all the time. Others will need some time out of the sun, so it is important to make sure the sun doesn’t beat down on them all hours of the day. Fruit trees in Las Vegas may also be susceptible to pests. There is every chance that bees and wasps can get attracted to the fruit and you may end up with whichever fruit you have planted getting half-eaten by the time you get to it.

The dry weather means that you need to keep adequately watered at all times and have a good irrigation system in place.

Arguably the biggest threat to your trees is neglect. You should be aware of any signs the tree is too dry, not getting enough sunlight or at risk of pests. There is always action you can take to prevent things happening to your crops, so keep a close eye on your fruit trees for the best results.

Using fruit trees for landscaping is a wonderful way to get some produce from your garden as well as keeping it looking great!