Irrigation is the watering system which gives your plants its hydration without you having to do it yourself. But often, the system breaks down, and it is your vegetation that pays the price. Cacti Landscapes offers sprinkler repair in Las Vegas and Henderson with expert irrigation technicians on staff ready to help get your system back in action. We are your irrigation solutions in the Las Vegas Valley.


It is essential to set up a proper irrigation schedule in the desert to conserve water and maintain your landscape. When the irrigation system gets old, or there was an improper installation of the system, repairs can become expensive and affect your water bill. That’s why we offer a complete sprinkler system evaluation for only $80.

Las Vegas & Henderson Irrigation Repairs

The competition will charge you $40 for the call and $40 for the first 30 minutes plus any parts needed for the same service and a plumber will cost you even more. However,  neither one of them will look at the whole property or give you suggestions on how to avoid problems in the future.

For only $80, we visit your property to evaluate your system and explain to you why you are having issues and how we propose to fix it.

It is our goal to provide affordable irrigation repair in Las Vegas while still delivering the best landscaping service!

Irrigation Solutions in Las Vegas and Henderson

Modern residential irrigation systems are complicated for anyone, and when something breaks in your sprinkler system, it can be difficult to track down the problem and correct it before it causes a massive water bill. Cacti Landscapes has you covered with our trained specialists ready to examine your automatic system from top to bottom to locate and correct the issue. Irrigation leaks can’t hide from us; we won’t stop until we find a solution for every irrigation problem.

Root of the problem

Hot, dry summers and sudden winter freezes will wear out and damage your irrigation system. Valves, PVC piping, sprinkler heads and other components can break and crack, leaking water into your yard and causing problems with your irrigation. Leaks and other issues with your irrigation system can cause damage to your lawn, plants, and property.

Las Vegas Landscaping – Our System Of Problem Tracking

We look at each of the following components in your irrigation system to evaluate where the problem is:

  • Water Supply: This is the source of water for your home, including your irrigation system. For most homes in Southern Nevada, the supply comes from the local municipal water system, the Las Vegas Valley Water District.
  • Supply Line: The main irrigation line is moving the water from the municipal supply into your home. It runs underground in the front yard of most Las Vegas homes.
  • Water Meter: Meter measuring your water usage in gallons.
  • Cut Off Valve: Faucet allowing the water supply to your entire house to be shut off.
  • Irrigation Line: Waterpipe is branching off to supply water to your irrigation system.
  • Irrigation Shut Off Valve: This cut off valve allows you to stop the flow of water to your irrigation system while keeping the water on for the rest of your house.
  • Irrigation Valves: Division of your irrigation system into different zones or stations, each with a dedicated valve. Organizing your irrigation system into zones allows you to optimize the watering schedule for your landscaping.
  • Backflow Preventer: Since water in the irrigation system can become contaminated, it is important to stop it flowing back into the house water system. The backflow preventer stops water from moving from the irrigation and back into the rest of the house.
  • PVC: Water is traveling from the irrigation valves and out into your yard through PVC pipes.
  • Sprinklers: The sprinkler heads spray the water onto your lawn and other plants and come in a variety of sizes and types for different water distribution.
  • Irrigation System Controller: Nearly all modern irrigation systems are managed electronically through irrigation timer, or irrigation system controller. Using the timer allows you to set your system to water your property on a timed schedule automatically.

Once we have evaluated your irrigation system and pinpointed the exact location of the problem, we will do the proper repairs to get your system back on track and your water bill from being affected.

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Don’t get stuck with a high water bill due to a problem with your sprinkler system. Our irrigation experts will provide you with an affordable solution to keep your landscape water smart. Contact us today for our sprinkler repair in Las Vegas and Henderson.