Complete Landscape Project in Summerlin

Do you have a recurring dream of your beautified backyard? Make this dream a reality with the help of Cacti Landscapes Landscape Design in Las Vegas. We turn your boring yard into the lavish landscape paradise you have always wanted.

Cacti Landscapes is proud to offer landscape design and installation services to help homeowners have a lush green front and backyard. We will take the team to go over design options and materials with you, so you know what you are going to have as a result.

Professional Landscape Design

We have numerous landscape projects where we have transformed an ordinary yard into a flourishing outdoor space. Whether you are looking for turf conversion landscaping or just want to change up your yard, you can expect unique residential landscape designs for your Las Vegas or Henderson home.

Landscaping on a Budgets

Everyone has grand landscape ideas, but they might not have the budget for it. How you want to spend your money is our number one priority, and we don’t want to charge our customers with an expensive design they can’t afford. Other landscaping companies in Las Vegas won’t consider the budget and just design carelessly, which creates a disconnect with their customer. We want to be realistic with our budgets, while still keeping your original design ideas in mind.

Once we figure out your budget, we do an onsite estimate to review the area intended for the design and discuss landscape options such as the addition of pavers, concrete work, and additional vegetation installation. Our estimator will also present a landscape maintenance plan to upkeep your newly designed yard.

Visual representation

While we can talk about all the great things we are going to do for your landscape, you probably want something a little more set in stone. We provide you with a digital landscape site plan. If you want to see the modern landscaping design brought to life, we also provide you with a 3D plan to give you a better idea of how everything will turn. The site plan also serves as a precaution for any HOA specs needed upon signing with our landscapers serving Henderson and Las Vegas.


Landscape design installation

We don’t always need a site plan to bring renovation to your residential landscape. Our clients often have better ideas for what they want than we do. We want to give you as a client creative liberty to choose the plants and materials you want to add, and we will install it for you. Once you have your set plant and material list, our foreman will visit the nursery to hand select the best for your home.

With the approved site plan and materials ready, we begin the transformation of your outdoor space. We strongly recommend you stop by at least once during the renovation process, so you see what is happening and approve any planting before placing them in the ground.

Ready to Spruce Up Your Yard?

Cacti Landscapes is ready to help bring your landscape vision to life. We take pride in providing our customers everything they want in their yards to bring it back to life. Contact us today to see how we can get your yard to look lush and pretty through our landscape design in Las Vegas and Henderson!

Maintenance is key

Your newly renovated landscape won’t look new forever. The vegetation lasts from five to ten years if properly maintained. Many factors— like weather, pets, and lack of care—will shorten the lifespan of your plants in the Las Vegas area.

Also, vegetation eventually just dies without any warning. We recommend getting your landscaping done and maintaining it as often as possible. Changing your watering schedule for the seasons and pruning all plants after the flowering season also helps lengthen the lifespan of your landscape.