Landscape Design in Las Vegas, NV

Landscape Design Las Vegas

How many dreams have you had about taking your backyard to a new level? Maybe you want beautiful synthetic grass landscaping, or you prefer to look for a xeriscaping company for a simple and easy landscape to care for. You can make these dreams a reality with the help of Cacti Landscapes’ landscape design in Las Vegas, NV. We turn your boring yard into the lavish paradise you have always wanted! Our landscape installers can provide anything from rock landscaping services to solutions for landscaping with artificial turf and modern desert landscaping trends that are sure to shock your neighbors.

Residents in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Anthem, Green Valley, and North Las Vegas are all eligible for our services, so give us a call today. Transform that ordinary yard into a flourishing outdoor space for your family and friends!

Landscaping on a Budgets

Everyone has grand landscape ideas, but they might not have the budget for them. Adhering to how you choose to spend your money is our number one priority, and we don’t want to charge our customers with an expensive design they can’t afford. Other landscaping design services in Las Vegas, NV, may not consider the budget and create designs that may be too expensive and out of your price range. Our skilled installers can create amazing designs for a wide range of budgets utilizing our industry experience and tools of the trade.

Once we figure out your budget, we will perform an onsite estimate to review the area intended for the design and discuss landscape options, such as adding pavers, concrete work, and additional vegetation installation. Our estimator will also present a landscape maintenance plan to upkeep your newly designed yard. For a simplified, quality service, no matter the price range, contact Cacti Landscapes today!

Visualize Your Dream Landscape With Help From Our Landscape Design Pros In Las Vegas, NV

While we can talk about all the great things we will do for your landscape, you probably want something a little more set in stone. For that, we provide homeowners with a digital landscape site plan. If you want to see your modern landscaping design brought to life, we also offer a 3D plan to give you a better idea of how everything will turn out. The site plan also serves as a precaution for any HOA specs needed upon signing with our landscapers serving Henderson and Las Vegas.


Artificial Turf Landscaping in Las Vegas, NV

Artificial turf landscaping has plenty of benefits, with little to no maintenance and a beautiful look. It helps eliminate large puddles that attract mosquitoes and other nasty insects, and you won’t have to worry about grass stains or finding shade for your grass under the hot sun. Because of its simplicity and lack of maintenance, artificial turf is also drought-proof, providing relief when the summer months fail to bring heavy rainfall. If you want a backyard landscaping service that can install beautiful artificial turf to challenge the worst Vegas weather, contact Cacti Landscapes today!

Looking for Modern Desert Landscapes?

Modern desert landscaping is the perfect design solution for residents in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas looking for ways to replicate the amazing desert views. These landscapes are some of our favorites and can be customized with rock landscaping services like sand, stone, and desert plants that add to the aesthetic. Many of our clients search for modern desert landscaping solutions, and our company is well-equipped to create the designs you desire!

Create the Aesthetic You Desire With Cacti Landscapes!

Our landscape installers are the best in the business, and we provide the aesthetic you desire no matter where you’re from. Create an amazing landscape that fits all your needs in Las Vegas and surrounding areas like North Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Anthem, and Green Valley. Discover more of what makes us your best backyard landscaping service by exploring some of our other services below:

Cacti Landscapes has all you need for a premium landscape at an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more about our landscape design for Las Vegas, NV, homeowners and find out how we put smiles on residents’ faces every time they step into their yards!

Low-Maintenance Landscaping in Las Vegas, NV

Your newly renovated landscape won’t look new forever. The vegetation lasts from five to ten years if properly maintained. Many factors — like weather, pets, and lack of care — will shorten the lifespan of the plants in your area. We recommend maintaining your landscaping as much as possible. Changing your watering schedule for the seasons and pruning all plants after the flowering season can also help keep your all-natural landscape in mint condition.

You can also consider low-maintenance landscaping options, such as landscaping with artificial turf or synthetic grass landscaping. Our xeriscaping company provides plenty of solutions to make your land simple and easy to care for — a must for many homeowners who deal with the Las Vegas heat. Whether you want an all-natural landscape or one that requires little to no maintenance, our landscape design service in Las Vegas, NV, has all the options you might need.