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Meet the team that is prepared to make a difference in our business. We at CACTI have a specialized team to better serve your needs.

Cacti Landscapes has been serving Las Vegas and the surrounding cities since 2002. The owners, Bret and Ana, take great pride in the work that their teams do on a daily basis. From Landscape Design, Landscape Installation, and Landscape Conversions to irrigation repairs, weed control, fertilization, olive spray, and yard cleanups, they strive to do the best job in town. Here is some of the team that makes up the Largest Residential Landscaping Firm in Nevada.
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Bret came from Branson, Missouri, as a hard worker at the age of 14. When he arrived in Las Vegas, he said he would never mow grass again. But in 1992, he found out how much he could make as a 14-year-old and started his first lawn service. As time went on, he realized he needed to learn more. He went to work for a few large landscape companies in the valley. He eventually went on his own and started Cacti Landscapes in 2002. He was happy with his one truck and doing installs until he met Ana.They quickly realized that in order to make a living, they would need to grow this company.Bret runs the day-to-day operations of Cacti Landscapes and is having a blast growing the once very small company. Bret loves to take the family on vacations to the beach.
Bret Alt
Brett Utter
President & CEO
Ana was born and raised in Puebla, Mexico. Her and Bret met in 2004 and got married within 6 months of meeting. In Mexico Ana got her degree as a CPA and ran a large company with 50 employees. Once she moved in with Bret, she quickly realized he had no clue how to do accounting. She took over the accounting, payroll, scheduling crews and much more. She has 2 sons with Bret and hopes that one day the company is big enough for them both.Ana is one of a kind, her hobby is staring at the computer screen and working LONG hours.
Ana Utter
Nathan is the older son of Bret and Ana. He spent his early years at a school called Challenger. It is the hardest school to attend in Nevada. He quickly learned how to memorize and write poems and long reports. At the age of 15 he started answering the reviews for Cacti and writing the blogs that the Seo guy requests. He is attending highschool and college at the same time. Nathan loves to play Golf and mess with his little brother.
Garardo started in the landscape industry in 1992. He started working with Cacti in 2006. He is the longest standing employee Cacti Landscapes has had. Gerardo drives our largest vehicles and delivers the landscape materials to the jobs. His job may not sound like much but Gerardo has not had a complaint from any customer, no matter what position he has held, since 2006. He is loyal, honest and makes sure ALL customers are happy with his work.Gerardo loves the horses in his spare time.
Gerardo Bautista
Landscape Foreman
Juan has been with Cacti since 2008. He has worked with Gerardo for many years. He is now floating between Maintenance Supervisor and the Landscape Crew. He is invaluable to the company and just like Gerardo has had no complaints from any customers since he started with Cacti. Juan loves to spend time with his family and talk with his boss Ana in his off time.
Maintenance Supervisor /
Landscape Foreman
Amanda has been with Cacti since 2018. Here is a word from Amanda: "I have a background in sales and management with a couple of larger corporations, before Cacti Landscapes. I was drawn to Cacti Landscapes for its flexible work environment and commitment to ongoing professional development. As a family-run business, I value the close-knit culture and supportive community that Cacti Landscapes provides. I love cooking and spending time with my family in my spare time." We love Amanda for the hours she puts in and the honest answers she doesn't hesitate to give us.
Customer Service Rep
Amber you don't hear from much she is the assistant to the Owner's. She is invaluable, helps in accounting, payroll and analyzing accounting data. She loves to lay by her pool and go to car shows. She has a smile and laugh that lights up the office!
Accounting Assistant
A word from Justin "This is my first job. I lived in Arizona for about 8 years before moving out to Vegas for a fresh start. I tried to apply to other companies first with no success but after getting the job at cacti I realized that I am glad I didn’t get the other jobs. In my off time, I spend that, talking with friends and hanging out with my family. I also like to play video games and read. While in highschool I was in a graphic design class for about 3 years that would work with small companies/organizations to build logos, business cards, and invoices for them. After moving to Vegas I thought that the business aspect of my class would help in a customer oriented environment like cacti which I feel like it did. Justin started out really young. Training took longer than we expected, lol, but it was worth it. Justin has blossomed into a great employee and has a lot to look forward to at Cacti.
Customer Service Rep