Extra Services

 Las Vegas Curbing, Synthetic Turf, Pavers and More.


Cacti Landscapes Inc.  over the years has completed thousands of landscape projects. We have installed numerous jobs that included pavers. Pavers are a substitution from your standard concrete patios. Currently, pavers seem to be more popular than even stamped concrete. It will give your patio the cobble stone or older look.

Concrete and Stamped Concrete

Cacti can bid on any concrete or Las Vegas curbing project you may have. We do subcontract this out to a licensed contractor.

Low Voltage Lights (Malibu Lights)

Cacti Landscapes Inc  installs low voltage lighting systems at any time during the project or after the project is completed. We will only use the best materials for your project.

Synthetic Turf

We install the best synthetic turf in the country. It is American made with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. We have a wide variety of synthetic/artificial turf samples for you to choose from.

Allumiwood Patio Covers

We sub-contract out patio covers. Many styles and colors to choose from!

Concrete Curbing

We sub-contract the most beautiful concrete edging in town, by using the company who started the curbing Las Vegas industry. We offer many different styles and colors of edging for you landscape project.