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Keeping Your Las Vegas Yard Healthy in the Winter Months

Are you looking forward to having a beautiful Las Vegas yard in the Spring of 2015? Don't forget that preparation for a great looking yard in the upcoming year occurs now in the winter months.

December is a busy month with the holidays approaching, let Cacti Landscapes help you review a few simple…

Desert Landscaping: Designing your Yard

Landscaping may seem overwhelming when you look at a flat, barren piece of land and wonder how you are going to design a yard that takes into account the basics of our Las Vegas Valley desert climate. But if you break it down into steps it can be a manageable process that doesn’t have to cost a fortune…
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Creating Desert Climate Curb Appeal in Las Vegas Landscaping

Curb appeal is the look of your house from the outside, what guests and neighbors see. Having a well-manicured front yard is not only about making a good first impression when people come up to your door or pass by, but curb appeal also increases the property value of your home. The key to front yard…

Tips to a Greener Las Vegas Lawn with Less Water

It’s no wonder we love the look and feel of grass; a lawn provides an area to relax and play as well as aesthetic variety to front or backyard landscaping. Unfortunately, keeping your grass green and lush can be a challenge in our Las Vegas Valley desert climate. But you don’t have to choose between…

Backyard Las Vegas Desert Landscaping on a Budget

When done cleverly, backyard landscaping in Las Vegas and Henderson is a great way to create a nice-looking, low-maintenance yard suitable for our Southern Nevada desert climate. Avoiding lawns is key since the water and upkeep required to maintain a grass lawn can be costly. There are plenty of unique…

Drip Sprinkler Systems Ideal for Las Vegas Desert Landscapes

Living in the Desert of the Southwest poses unique challenges for home landscaping. While residents of the Valley want to point fingers at the fountains and pools along the Strip for the overuse of water in Southern Nevada, the majority of our water supply is used by residents. In fact, the casinos and…
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Weeds, Weeds, Weeds!

Since we have had so much rain this summer the weeds have started to pop up

Don't hire a bad landscaper

Welcome home or to your new home in Las Vegas!You look at your yard (or lack of a yard) and think" it is time to fix things up. Or even better - you have just bought a new home and you have 90 days to finish the backyard or you are getting penalized. After the stress and cost of moving into your…

Why You Should Check Your Sprinklers Now

Las Vegas is the type of environment that is very harsh and things need to be checked from April through October.

Spring Irrigation Cleaning

We recommend to start each station at the timer and make sure that all plants and grass are getting proper coverage: - You need to check station by station to make sure that every single one is actually coming on and running for the proper amount of time.
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Cacti Landscapes TV Commercial

The latest Cacti Landscapes TV commercial - airing on local TV stations here in Las Vegas.
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Dump Trash For Free!

 If you decide to do your yard yourself you can dump at the local dump for free. Just take your monthly home bill with your load of trash and it will be free. Do not use a company vehicle.