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Hiring A Contractor? This is what you need to know

When hiring a contractor you need to ask questions. The more you ask, the more (and better!) information you will gather. Also, if the contractor doesn’t seem too confident or seems vague in his answers you know that he is the wrong choice.

Maintain Your Landscape To Make It Last

As long as you maintain your property your landscape should be in good condition for 5-10 years - depending on certain factors, e.g. the way you maintain your property, your chosen style and if you have animals or kids using the landscape.If you get landscaping done and don’t maintain it, it will…

One day of work in January

Many customers ask if they can cancel their maintenance service over the winter. We generally don’t let them – simply because there is still lots of work to do. Just check out photos of our truck after only one day of service in January!

Cacti Landscapes

We felt it was time to redesign our website to give our current and future customers a much better experience!We added previous projects, an image gallery, an online estimate request form, and much, much more. Browse our site and see what Cacti Landscapes & Cacti Grounds Management can do for …

Types Of Irrigation And Sprinkler Systems We Install

In Las Vegas we install 2 different types of irrigation systems in the residential market First are the popup sprinklers used for grass and flower areas. Next is the drip system which is very popular in the desert areas of the Western US. The drip system can be used for plants, trees, flowers and…

Why We Don't Plant Certain Trees in Las Vegas

Here are some reasons we don’t plant certain trees or plants in Southern Nevada:I personally love Agave plants but only one seems to do well in the Las Vegas Valley: the Century Plant. The Agave plants attract a beetle that will kill them within a year or two of planting.The Purple…

Create A Landscape Fund

The #1 piece of advice that I can give you, the homeowner is to set up a fund for your yard.Homeowners tend to think that when they get a new landscape they can forget about it. Maybe in other places in the US this might work, but not in Las Vegas. We have harsh seasons; plants die and things break.Ask…

Cacti Online Bill Payment

Cacti Landscapes makes it easy for you to pay your landscaping bill.Just head over to Our Member Area to get started!

Planting Palm Trees

Try not to plant palm trees between the months of November and March. They will not do well and may take a couple of years to even get started.When planting palms the SECRET is to always backfill with concrete sand. If you see your landscapers backfilling with soil they are not doing a good job.