Create A Landscape Fund

Create A Landscape Fund

The #1 piece of advice that I can give you, the homeowner is to set up a fund for your yard.

Homeowners tend to think that when they get a new landscape they can forget about it. Maybe in other places in the US this might work, but not in Las Vegas. We have harsh seasons; plants die and things break.

Ask your landscaper what a good budget would be, and also ask them to explain it, it really shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a reasonable number, given they know your property, your plants and your system.

I would consider irrigation repairs, plant replacements, and additional rock over a period of 5 years and then divide the total into the months of the year.
So, let’s assume the number is $2500 (for the next five years): That would mean only $42 per month you would need to put away.

If you have a “rainy day fund” for your landscape set aside and an issues arises you can just do it and take care of it right away — which might even save you money because you don’t have to wait and don’t allow the problem to get worse.

For example, if you see a little leak that is continuously running every day, it might cost you $70 on time to have us repair it. Meanwhile, your water bill has already increased by $30. If you wait only 2 months to repair you could have used the money you had to pay the water company for the repair — hence, in the end, it’s not costing you money at all.

Cacti Online Bill Payment

Cacti Online Bill Payment

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Planting Palm Trees

Try not to plant palm trees between the months of November and March. They will not do well and may take a couple of years to even get started.

When planting palms the SECRET is to always backfill with concrete sand. If you see your landscapers backfilling with soil they are not doing a good job.

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