olive tree spraying box
olive tree spraying box

Native to the Mediterranean, olive trees find similar climates in Arizona, Nevada, and California, enabling them to flourish and become established. Olive trees are an iconic, abundant tree, from their gnarled trunk to slender leaves and white flowers, they symbolize peace and prosperity. They also need upkeep, which requires services from the experts in tree spraying for Henderson and Las Vegas.

These trees are also known to produce a large number of olives, something that can and should be controlled by implementing proper olive tree spraying techniques. Not only is it imperative that olive trees are sprayed in general, the time of the year that this is done is also essential to their maintenance and upkeep.

The Problem with Poor Olive Tree Care

If trees are not sprayed and properly taken care of throughout the year, they may create a huge mess and cause further issues for property management companies and maintenance services. When trees are not sprayed, the growth rate of the fruit is exponential, leading to a higher risk of the trees being weighed down and fruit falling off.

Fruit from trees often falls before it gets harvested, so what’s the big deal, you may wonder. Olives contain a staining pigment and are incredibly high in oil, resulting in quite the mess if the trees are not properly sprayed and drop their fruit. All the more reason why it is important to be conscientious and attentive to the upkeep of these trees and know the benefits of olive tree spraying.


Spraying olive trees with a growth regulator at the right time of year will enable you and your renters alike to enjoy the tree when it is at its best, and avoid a mess.

  • If you are trying to spray the tree before the bud turns into a blossom, trees should be sprayed sometime between January and March
    • This time frame is typically adhered by if you do not want to take the chance of the flower turning into fruit
    • Trees can be sprayed once the buds have bloomed, allowing you to enjoy the tree’s flowers
  • If you decided not to spray before the tree blossoms, it is essential to watch the tree and notice when the buds begin to flower
    • Trees should be sprayed once the flowers have entirely opened
    • You will typically have one to three days to spray once the flowers have blossomed
  • Once you have determined when to spray the trees, the next step is the mixture
    • It is recommended that you mix roughly 3 ounces of growth regulator with a gallon of water
    • Spray all branches (low and high) of the tree, covering either the blossoms or flower buds
    • It is important to be thorough, any missed blossom or bud may flower and produce olives
  • Water!
    • The tree will be in desperate need of water, make sure to give it a constant supply for at least two hours after spraying.

Olive trees are extremely hardy, only needing watering once a month. In order to increase their longevity and for them to be more manageable for you as property managers and your property servicing companies, it is important to maintain and spray these trees accordingly.

Using a growth regulator on olive trees will not completely wipe them off their fruit, but it will add to their overall upkeep and decrease the chances of branches breaking or fruit dropping due to too much production.

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