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The Southern Nevada Water Authority

The SNWA Rebate Program:

The Las Vegas Valley Water District has a rebate program.

This program allows you to remove your grass and get paid for it. They will pay you $3.50 per sqft to remove it. NOTE: You will have to sign a contract with them  preventing you or any future owners of the property from installing a swimming pool or grass. You or the future owner does have the option of buying back the contract at any future date: please make sure to check  the details and read the fine print before signing it.

To apply for the rebate program just go to and look for the rebate program.

Once you fill out the forms they will schedule a consultation at the property to give you the go ahead. Once you have the go ahead, you can then hire us to do the work.  Once the project is completed, you need to contact the SNWA again so they can measure the actual grass area removed. They will send you a check within 4 weeks.

Your Water Bill & Irrigation System Leaks

Previously, when you had a leak in your Las Vegas irrigation system, it didn’t really cost you that much extra on your water bill. Now the SNWA and the Las Vegas Valley Water District have raised the “tier” level and the pricing per tier level. Before, if you had a large water bill of – let’s say – $100 you could find the leak really easily. But because of the new system it may not be as obvious to find — this takes experience!

It is similar to hiring an apprentice: When you hire someone with a lack of experience you are paying by the hour AND you are paying for them to learn on the job. And you can only hope they actually did it right.


If a Water Authority inspector is driving by your property and they see any excess water or run-off coming from your property they will issue you a warning. If they see it a second time the fine will result in an extra charge of $200 — and the fines increase per violation or occurrence.

When you hire Cacti Landscapes Inc., you are hiring decades of experience.  And when you hire decades of experience, you get the job done right – the first time. Where the other companies are charging much more for the same or less, you can be assured the job is done the right way, the first time.

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