Landscape Maintenance: Our Process

What you can expect when you hire Cacti Landscapes INC

When we pull up to a home to start the maintenance of the landscaping these are the things we do or look for:

1. We park in front of the home and the foreman looks over the property to assess what needs to be done. At the same time the other 2 employees are prepping their equipment for use.

2. The foreman relays what needs to be done to the front or back yards.

3. Once he has his men working, he turns on the irrigation and leaves it running to check for leaks and proper operation while the other work is being done . A complete operation check requires access to the timer (usually located in the garage), and needs to be done at least twice per year  (Even though our visual checks are extensive, we can not ascertain if the valve is working properly from the clock).

4. The crew now removes weeds and does the hand pruning that needs to be done. The foreman also might talk to the homeowner about future work requested or required.

5. Towards the end of the session the employees blow debris into a corner or into the street and sweep it up. As they are finishing, the foreman repairs any minor leaks and then shuts off the irrigation system.

6. The foreman writes down the time he started and time he finished the work and any notes to the office about the property, current state of the yard and future work. Notes might include mentions of a bad valve or a leak that is beyond the regular maintenance scope or that he noticed a tree that is just too big for the crew to trim.
He also leaves a bill on the front door to let the owner know what time the work was done and what was done. If the foreman feels that the homeowner should call our office he also notes that on the bill.

7. Once the foreman has placed the bill on the door, the crew is off to the next property.


We take great pride in our office system which allows us to track every single aspect of our maintenance jobs.

Our office system also contains a request feature. You can email us, call us, or even send us a note through our members area.
The request automatically gets entered into our system; and on your invoice there is an area telling the foreman of any requests for a home.

We also go over the requests every morning prior to our actual work day to make sure the foreman knows of the request and what you expect us to do.