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Henderson Yard Maintenance & Care

Ensure your landscape flourishes throughout every season with regular yard maintenance in Henderson. Cacti Landscapes provides premium yard maintenance and care for our customers including plant care, tree spraying, yard clean-up, and irrigation repairs.

We will customize the maintenance and care to meet YOUR specific landscape needs. This means you will not be charged for services you don’t want. We offer a variety of residential landscape packages starting as low as $40 per month that include the following lawn services:

Enjoy Regular Yard Maintenance for Your Home

When you sign up for our monthly or biweekly yard maintenance service, your home will be serviced on the same day each month. We know you are busy and keeping up with consistent service times will ensure that things will run smoothly without you needing to track down your landscape maintenance team. Cacti Grounds Management does everything to ensure things run smoothly for you.

We also provide these services year-round since there will still be plenty of work to do in the chilly months in Henderson. Wild desert winds and unexpected storms often create debris buildup that needs to be taken care of promptly.

Your Yard Maintenance Team

Our crews are made up of uniformed men in clearly-labeled trucks, so everyone knows who is maintaining your landscape in the best shape possible. Every member on our team will follow continuous training to keep them up with the latest trends in plant care and water management.

Henderson Irrigation Repairs

Irrigation is the watering system that gives your plants their hydration. In the event that this system breaks down or does not work optimally, your vegetation will suffer. Cacti Landscapes offers sprinkler repairs in Henderson with expert technicians on staff ready to help get your system back in action. We will examine your automatic system from top to bottom to locate and correct any issues and we won’t stop until we find a solution for every irrigation problem.

For only $80, we will visit your property to evaluate your system and explain to you why you are having issues and how we propose to fix them. It is our goal to provide affordable irrigation repair in Henderson while still delivering the best landscaping service!

Henderson Tree Spraying

The iconic olive tree flourishes in the Southern Nevada climate. While this is a beautiful tree to add to your property, it will require regular upkeep and tree spraying. These trees are also known to produce a large number of olives, which may create a huge mess and cause further issues for property management companies and maintenance services. When trees are not sprayed, the growth rate of the fruit is exponential, leading to a higher risk of the trees being weighed down and fruit falling off. Cacti Landscapes is here to take care of your tree spraying in Henderson to ensure that your olive trees are properly taken care of.

Benefits Of Choosing Cacti Landscapes For Lawn Care

Most homeowners in Henderson are too busy to pay proper attention to their landscaping and irrigation systems. We make yard maintenance in Henderson accessible and affordable, so you have more time for other things. We will keep track of every aspect of your landscape maintenance and repair services, inform you of any estimated charges beforehand, and provide a convenient paying system to improve the entire process for our customers.

Henderson Yard Maintenance & Irrigation Repairs – Hire Cacti Landscapes

Get the best residential yard maintenance in Henderson when you set up services with Cacti Landscapes. Contact us today to see how we can spruce up your yard!