Lawn Maintenance and Care

Cacti Grounds Management
Cacti Grounds Management was started in 2008 because of the tremendous need for more affordable and reliable landscape maintenance in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson.

At Cacti  we understand that your landscape investment is a large part of your home’s assets. We know that you want your yard to look better than your neighbor’s. That is why we started the Maintenance Division, Cacti Grounds Management – with the purpose to customize landscape maintenance to meet your specific needs.

We listened to the customers’ complaints — they mostly were about “too many extra fees” and “no customer service”. We decided to offer a reasonable solution by offering maintenance for your home for only $40 per month.

What our Las Vegas Landscape Maintenance Package includes:

– Trimming of everything up to 9 feet tall, including small trees and bushes.
– Irrigation system check during each visit for leaks and other issues; including its proper operation from outside the home. Any small repairs needed will be made at no extra charge.
– Minimal Weed Removal and Weed Control
– We allow a certain amount of time for weed removal and if your yard needs additional help it is at an additional charge.
– Debris clean-up and removal of waste from under bushes and groundcovers.
– Debris haul-off from your home (we recycle all organic debris).

Many customers ask if they can cancel service over the winter. We generally don’t let them – simply because there is still lots of work to do. Just check out photos of our truck after only one day of service in January.

Our landscape maintenance program is set up so we do not miss a single day of service – unless it’s pouring rain, in which case the work will be done the following day.

We do the dirty work in your front and back yard so you can spend more time with your family and – to keep your HOA off your back.

What You Can Expect

Our crews are made up of three uniformed men that will give your property a respectable appearance while the work is being done. Our trucks are always clearly labeled.

All our crew members are continuously trained to insure they are keeping up with the latest trends in trimming and water management.

Reasons to Choose Cacti Grounds Management

If you are like most homeowners, you are just too busy to pay any attention to your yard, nor do the majority of homeowners usually want to. We make it easy and affordable so you have more time for your busy schedule.

Very often homeowners don’t know even realize their irrigation system is leaking until the high water bill arrives. With your Cacti Grounds Management Landscape Service you can rest assured that all issues get fixed on the spot. We also keep track of all aspects of the visit to your home: from arrival time at your home, time spent to any issues discovered. If something looks out of place at your home or your irrigation system requires the presence of an irrigation technician, we notify you immediately; we also inform you of any estimated charges before proceeding with the work.

We are offering you an easy way to pay your monthly landscape maintenance service through our auto pay system within our website which allows you to securely enter your payment information — and not worry about it any more.

We are sending out a quarterly email newsletter, keeping you up-to-date with news about landscaping, our company and other useful information.

At the end of the year we send out our annual end-of-the-year newsletter together with your bill; so even if you are not subscribed to our email newsletters you still can reap up on all the news.

Your Benefits

When you sign up for our monthly or biweekly service, your home will be serviced on the same day each month, as we found changes in service days and times was one of the biggest complaints from new customers: Their past experience with other companies usually was that the company would never show up on the same day. Customers would have to call repeatedly just to get their next service. We know you are busy and will do everything to ensure that things run smoothly for you.

Referral Bonus / Free Service

We also offer even more ways to save money on top of our already low prices: When you refer our services to someone who signs a maintenance contract or gets landscaping we will give you a free month of service.

If you pay 12 months in advance we will give you the 13th month free.

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