Spring Irrigation Cleaning

It’s spring time again and the plants are ready to go.

They are starting to bloom and need the sunlight and water to help them grow. But don’t panic, you have the month of April to get it all ready.

We recommend to start each station at the timer and make sure that all plants and grass are getting proper coverage:
– You need to check station by station to make sure that every single one is actually coming on and running for the proper amount of time.
– Then go out to the plant and make sure that there is a good ring of moisture around each plant.
– In Las Vegas, you also should cut the lawn and adjust ALL sprinkler heads after the lawn is cut. You really should do this after each cutting, each week. This is the best time to check the system and get the grass some water before it starts growing again.

[alert color=”green”] When you are a customer of Cacti Grounds Management, we check for leaks in your irrigation system and the whole system’s proper operation as good as possible. [/alert]
May is the month in which we normally set the clocks and make sure things are working properly. We adjust the timers in peparation for the upcoming heat.

Las Vegas sprinkler repair workerIf you are not a monthly customer, we offer a great deal for only $40. For only $40 we inspect your irrigation system, check the entire landscape and review with you what needs to be repaired and what your budget should be for your landscape over the next few years.
It is very important to plan for instead of waiting until the last minute or getting a nasty note from the HOA.

So give us a call for any of your irrigation needs at 702-370-5000.