Maintain Your Landscape To Make It Last

As long as you maintain your property your landscape should be in good condition for 5-10 years – depending on certain factors, e.g. the way you maintain your property, your chosen style and if you have animals or kids using the landscape.

If you get landscaping done and don’t maintain it, it will not last for a long time. Plants die for no reason, water must be changed once per quarter, and the weather does a number on the plants and trees. Cacti Landscaping will help you with your maintenance to ensure you know how to do these things.

The second thing is the style you like and you chose for your landscaping. A lot of people love their landscaping when it is new and looks fresh; but remember that after 5 years certain things might have to be replaced. Keeping your landscape up-to-date will only improve the value of your home.

Thirdly, there is the wear and tear of the property. If you have children or animals they can be pretty hard on your landscape. Most people with dogs do not understand how much grass is needed for just one small dog, let alone 2 large dogs. Take this into consideration when budgeting your landscape and that sooner or later certain items need to be replaced.

One more thing to consider are tree roots, as they can hinder grass from growing and grass may have to be repaired approximately around the 10 year mark.