watering your backyard

How to water your backyard correctly

Watering the yard may seem like one of the most simple tasks you do on a day-to-day basis. It may not be rocket science, but actually, there are ways to make your watering more effective to promote lots of healthy growth in your backyard, ensuring plants and trees flourish. This is especially important if you live in a dry area, but it is not something to ignore no matter where you live. Keep in mind that every resident of the Las Vegas Valley must follow their assigned mandatory watering schedules and restrictions.

Not Often But Deeply

Some people think you need to water plants every day. This isn’t the case, and moisture can keep being used by the plants for photosynthesis for many days after you’ve watered assuming you’ve done so deeply enough. The trick is to ensure there is plenty of water. You should be aiming for moisture at least 2-4 inches deep in most places. Remember that it isn’t the plant’s leaves that needs the water, it is the root. There is a ball of roots within every plant, and this is the area you should aim to ensure has plenty of moisture.

If you do the watering process properly, 2-3 times a week is sufficient in most areas. Daily watering is overkill.

Find The Best Time For Watering

Depending on where you are in the world the best time for watering your backyard might be different. If you are looking to get the most out of your water (so that you don’t have to use more than is necessary) then it is important to stop lots of it from evaporating. If you water in roasting heat and when the sun is high in the sky then it can mean that lots of the water on the surface evaporates before it has had any chance to be of benefit to the plants. Many people opt for a cool part of the day, such as first thing in the morning or after or during sunset.

Get a Timer

A timer can connect directly to your water source and you can set it to water as often as you like. The duration the water is set to flow can alter, and some even have sensors to do the watering at either dusk or dawn. As well as this being a good way to conserve water and only use what you need, it also protects against forgetting! If you are away or just happen to forget to water in the backyard then a timer on the water supply can cover you.

Avoid Waterlogging

It can be easy to use too much water thinking it can’t do any damage, but the plants need oxygen too, and waterlogging can mean that it is much harder for the roots to get the oxygen they need. Though it is important to be thorough, if any area starts to puddle or look sodden then you may have gone a little too far.

Spread the Water Evenly

This is why we have sprinklers and sprinkler heads on top of watering cans. Water can get concentrated in one area or even flow away from the roots if you are focusing too much on one specific area. Though you only really need to worry about the area that the roots are growing, you still need to water evenly in this area.
Use Mulch and Quality Compost on Plants
If you’re planting within beds, you should make sure you use the right ingredients to give your plants all the nutrients they need, besides just watering. A good quality compost is essential, and one which is clay-rich can reduce the chances of water running off and not getting used properly by the plant’s roots to grow.

Mulch can be useful too, this reduces the chance of water running off from the area where it is needed and can also prevent the sun from evaporating a lot of the water before it has had time to be absorbed and provide nourishment to the plants.


Water is one of the keys to ensuring your backyard thrives. Follow our tips to make sure you aren’t making any errors which could be hindering the growth of your garden.