Yard Maintenance Tips for North Las Vegas Landscaping

Since the entire Las Vegas Valley is located within the Mojave Desert, it is easy to assume that climate conditions are exactly the same for every property. While the entire region shares a desert climate, there are unique characteristics from area to area within the valley. These different factors need to be considered when designing the best landscape for a particular property.

Soil and Elevation makes a Difference

Located on the north and east edges of the valley is the city of North Las Vegas. Differences in elevation and soil composition need to be properly considered when maintaining landscapes in this area. North Las Vegas also draws more of its water from underground sources than other parts of Las Vegas. The higher mineral content of the water needs to be taken into account for the health of plants and the durability of hardscapes.

North Las Vegas

While many companies claim to be the best cheap landscaping North Las Vegas choice, it takes a company with experience to provide proper maintenance for your yard. Cacti Landscapes has proudly served customers through North Las Vegas for over ten years and understands the unique geology and topography of the area. Instead of providing a one size fits all solution for landscape maintenance, we treat each customer as an individual. We will create a customized maintenance plan based on the size and location of your property as well as the variety of your foliage.

Irrigation Systems are Critical

During the hot summer months in North Las Vegas, providing your landscaping with aquate water is of utmost importance. Overwatering can be just as harmful as watering too little. It is crucial to regularly examine your irrigation system and make sure it is in proper working order. Broken sprinkler heads and leaking pipes will drown some areas while leaving others to die of thirst. It is also good to evaluate the layout of your irrigation system from time to time. It is as efficient as it could be? An effective and well maintained irrigation system will keep your landscape lush and healthy without wasting water. If you think your system needs some help, we will be happy to evaluate it for you.

Cacti is ready to answer all your questions about North Las Vegas landscaping maintenance. Contact us today for solutions to all your landscaping needs.