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Expert Las Vegas landscaping done correctly the first time

If you need expert landscaping in Las Vegas and want it done correctly the first time, then Cacti Landscapes is the answer to all your landscaping requirements, whether you need your swimming pool, backyard landscaping, or front lawn done. Don’t let the name fool you; we do much more than just cacti desert landscaping and xeriscapes (though that is a speciality of ours). In fact, there is almost nothing landscaping related that we cannot do. When it comes to designing and installing artificial turf, hardscape landscaping, palm trees, grass conversion, concrete curbing or patio covers – we do it all. Cacti Landscapes also offers numerous different styles and feels for our clients, including Mediterranean, tropical with palm trees and fruit trees, cacti landscaping of course, as well as more traditional options. If you can envision it, then we can make your green dream come true.

Unrivaled design and installation services

installationWe offer thorough and affordable landscape design and installation services. Our extensive installation process covers everything from the initial consultation and estimation, through to the 3D drawing and modeling process, to receiving HOA approval and all the way to the actual installation. Our estimates are immediately given to you onsite and we then devise the best possible landscaping design for your budget. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the ideal landscaping in Las Vegas to our clients at a reasonable price, without cutting any corners along the way. When we do a job, we do it right the first time around, unlike many of our competitors who promise the moon, yet end up delivering a sub-standard product, over budget no less.

Affordable, yet reliable, monthly maintenance services

Complete Landscape Project in SummerlinBeyond installation and design, Cacti Landscapes Inc. specializes in numerous maintenance plans too. As any homeowner knows all too well, landscaping that isn’t well maintained will quickly fall into disrepair. With our experienced team on your side, however, you need not worry about watering, weeding, mowing, or any of those other tiresome tasks again. For as little as $40 a month, Cacti Landscapes will keep your home or business landscaping looking as fresh and beautiful as ever.

If you happen to have a faulty sprinkler system in place that’s running up your water bill, then we can also visit your home and diagnose the issue for a low flat fee of only $60. And if you’re a current maintenance customer, then we’ll even do it for free. Compared to plumbers who typically cost upwards of $100 for the initial consultation and $80 hourly thereafter, we do the same estimate for much less. Plus, as landscapers, we specialize in sprinklers and know outdoor plumbing in and out. As a result, we’ll be able to fix the issue far more quickly and affordably than the vast majority of Vegas plumbers out there.

Founded in 2002, our Las Vegas landscaping firm is fully licensed, with over 10 full time staff, and hundreds of satisfied customers. Our employees have decades of landscaping experience and we truly love what we do. Get in touch with our talented landscaping Las Vegas team today for a free estimate and to see if our landscaping services are right for you. You can call us at 702-370-5000, email us at or contact us through our online website form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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