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Low Maintenance Landscaping: Tips and Tricks for a Hassle-Free Yard

low maintenance landscaping

Have you ever just wanted a simple yard that doesn’t need constant attention every single day? This guide is the solution to this problem and will aid an individual in having both a low maintenance and beautiful yard. Everybody has to attend either to a job or family and is most likely busy all day […]

The Importance of Leak Detection in Irrigation Systems

Sprinklers watering grass

Doesn’t everyone want to have a healthy, green, and flourishing yard for all four seasons? Irrigation systems are a key component to keeping one’s yard looking impressive. This type of system has powerful control as it manages plants, trees, grass, flowers, and even more in one’s yard. Furthermore, irrigation systems are not only for certain […]

Las Vegas Landscaping Ideas

Las Vegas Landscaping Ideas

Of all of the places in the world, Las Vegas is extremely unique and special. Not only is it known for its partying and gambling environment but it is also one of the few places around the globe that has an immense amount of heat. In fact, Las Vegas has reached a temperature of 118 […]

Small Tropical Garden Ideas Las Vegas

Have you ever wanted to feel like you’re on vacation always, even when you’re at home? A tropical garden is the solution to achieving this dream. Tropical gardens can vary in countless ways, however, all tropical gardens, no matter their size or style, have key attributes that make them exclusively unique.  Since all tropical gardens […]

What Is a French Drain and Do You Need One?

What Is a French Drain A French drain is a drainage trench filled to ground level with fragments of loose stones including brick, rock, and more. In other words, it is a pipe buried in the ground that transports water and manipulates the direction of it from one point to another. In Las Vegas, this […]

Top Landscaping Trends of This Season


Have you always wanted to keep up with the latest trends and styles to make your yard look as modern and spectacular as possible? Fashion is always changing for everything and keeping up with it is difficult at times. When making the decision to change one’s yard, one should always integrate new styles as a […]

4 Backyard Water Features for Your Outdoor Living Space

Backyard Water Features Image

Have you ever felt like you just needed a place to relax and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of life? Backyard water features are the clear solution to answer your search. According to numerous websites and studies, water throughout time has been used for both mental and physical treatments. Not only has water been used for […]

How to Make a Zen Garden


The Principles and Beliefs of the Zen Garden A Zen Garden, a Japanese-styled design, has numerous essential features that make it unique and distinctive. This type of garden incorporates many beliefs that truly describe its meaning fully. The first principle that makes up the landscaping design of the Zen Garden is austerity. Following up austerity […]

HOA Rules and Regulations

hoa rules

Homeowners associations, or HOAs, are quite common nowadays in many parts of the US, and there are plenty of benefits for someone who lives in an HOA community. However, when most people think of HOAs, they also think of the many homeowners association rules that a lot of these associations tend to have. This guide […]

What Are the Different Types of Irrigation Sprinklers?

irrigation sprinklers

Whether you own a home or a business, your landscape includes a mix of grass, trees, bushes, and flowers. With an automated sprinkler system, you can deliver water in various ways to your landscape. Installing a lawn sprinkler system can help provide a beautiful landscape that will make you proud.   Several different types of […]

Las Vegas Gardening:How to Garden in a Desert City


How to Garden in a Desert City Las Vegas gardening might sound like a challenge considering the desert environment, but it’s easier than you think. Desert gardening takes a little extra knowledge, but vegetable gardening in Las Vegas is simple enough once you know the tricks. Keep reading to learn how to grow a garden […]

How Do You Decide When to Remove a Tree?

Low angle view of palm trees under a blue sky and sunlight during daytime

Palm trees naturally grow in many parts of the United States, and they can be an attractive addition to your yard. However, there are many situations in which you might want to think about removing a palm tree. They can get infected, attract pests, pose a risk to the safety of your home and family, […]